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I recently made a move of epic proportion to Los Angeles from Florida.  Not only was the journey epic (me with 2 cats pulling a trailer 3,000 miles through the 110 degree desert) but the change in climate was also epic (from the hottest swampiest situation you could ever imagine to cool arid breezy weather which can't possibly be true).

Before moving I decided that a I would only be bringing my greatest hits.  Anything with the words Eames made the cut.  Just about everything else made the garage sale.

So when I arrived at my new digs I was faced with lots of blank walls and lots of little things to hang on them. 

My solution: giant collages 


(R. Nichols for Epcot artwork graces the kitchen).

Now I am by no means an interior designer, but I do seem to have a knack for placing things well.

As I dug through my boxes I found loads of small family photos which my Dad had framed in the 70's (note the color palette).  They had been in storage for years - but now fill a large wall in my home office.

Can you find me (hint, bowl haircut)?

Happy Hanging!

- R. Nichols

p.s. The Orlando shop is staying put and is open for business.

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  • Times are changing for the betetr if I can get this online!

    Jailene on

  • R. Nichols for EPCOT? I’m dying here! Love your blog…each post is a treasure. :)

    Nancy on

  • I see me!

    Kris on

  • “Heart” the family snaps (and you still look as adorable now!)


    Monika on

  • LOVE the Epcot Prints in the Kitchen! The Colors look amazing with the white! Congrats on your new Diggs! We’ll miss you in Fla!

    Michelle on

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