The R. Nichols Nook at Soolip

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  I first met Wanda Wen just over 10 years ago. She's one of those people that just have a knack for creating beauty.  Back in those days I would haul my samples around in a backpack and travel the country knocking on doors and seeing who I could find to carry my line of cards.  When I first traveled  to Los Angeles I discovered Soolip Paperie, Wanda's magnificent store on Melrose.  She successfully carried R. Nichols for years - but over time we'd lost touch.

So here we are just over 10 years later.  Upon moving to LA this past June, I reconnected with Wanda.  She has a beautiful new book  called "The Art of Gift Wrapping".  As we were catching up she mentioned that she had this little extra space at Soolip - and asked me if I would  like to set up a mini R. Nichols shop.  A little tiny room/nook at the very back that was all mine - well - I was all over it.   So I showed up with my paintbrush and fixtures and went to work creating my little world.


                               The R. Nichols Nook at Soolip

The end result is The R. Nichols Nook at Soolip.  It's an adorable tiny little shop within a shop where you can find nearly the entire R. Nichols collection (including original art pieces as we get closer to the holidays).   It is also quite possible that you will find me hanging around  too.  I am often there working on new designs (especially on Saturdays), meeting shoppers (and occasionally celebrities), chit-chatting - it's become my retail home away from home.  

                                              Wanda and her beautiful empire

                         Wanda's new book

So, If you are in LA, I hope you'll come visit Soolip (8646 Melrose - right across from the Pacific Design Center / open 7 days a week).  It would be wonderful to meet you.   If you are a "facebook person" please become a fan of R. Nichols and you'll always  know what I'm up to and just where I might be (whether it's The R. Nichols Nook at Soolip or The R. Nichols Shop in Orlando.....)!

Hope to see you soon!

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