R. Nichols + Fresh


Last winter I received a call from my friend, Alina Roytberg (who also happens to be the co-founder of Fresh, Inc).  Fresh was turning 21 this year and she thought it was the perfect opportunity for us to collaborate on a project.  I love Alina and I love Fresh so I was inwardly doing cartwheels across the room, out the door & down the street.

I flew to New York where I met with the Fresh team and got my assignment.  "It all began with soap" - they told me.   So they asked me to do illustrations to capture the story and essence of 3 of their most iconic oval soaps: Sugar, Hesperides Grapefruit & Patchouli.

I returned to LA, got out my scissors, glue and colored paper, and got to work.  The images just flowed out of me - and the result was pure joy.

Hesperides Grapefruit Original Artwork


Flash forward to August.  I was lying on my couch casually flipping through the gargantuan September issue of Vogue magazine.  Turning to page 712, I nearly fell onto the floor.  THERE THEY WERE - in all their glory!  I instantly envisioned Gwyneth Paltrow, Tom Ford and countless others turning to page 712 in their September issues as well and picking up the phone to call me (no calls from them yet).

as seen in Vogue magazine (September issue)


Last week I found myself in New York again - this time in Fresh's inspiring flagship Union Square store - to celebrate Fashion's Night Out with co-founder, Lev Glazman (the man responsible for their amazing fragrances). They had set up a mini R. Nichols studio where I created original artwork for Fresh's VIP customers.  It was also the official launch of the "Fresh Turns 21" oval soap collection and a cool custom set of stationery which I also designed for them.

at my desk with Fresh co-founder, Lev Glazman


The "Fresh Turns 21" soaps and stationery are now available in all of their stores as well as on their web site (for a limited time only).


the "Fresh Turns 21" soap collection

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any Fresh addiction that may occur as a result of this blog post.


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