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 I just returned home to Los Angeles after 9 days in New York City.  Of those 9 days, 8 were rainy - but luckily I took full advantage of the one glorious day of sun - a day of such perfection that it literally took my breath away.

I thought I would share a few of my favorite things from New York....

1) Amy's Bread.  I've been carb-loading at Amy's Bread for years.  In fact, I always choose my hotels based on their proximity to Amy's.  There are 3 locations (9th Avenue & 47th, Bleecker Street and Chelsea Market).  I can't even begin to describe how I feel about their sourdough chocolate twist or the holy grail: the almond brioche toast.  Heaven!

You may find me here several times throughout the day

Don't miss the sourdough chocolate twist

The almond brioche toast - carb heaven

2) Central Park.  On the one perfect sunny day I decided to head to The Met - via Central Park.  On the right day (which it was) it can take your breath away (which happened when I came across these azaleas and tulips)....

Central Park

3) Alexander McQueen exhibit.  So I finally got to The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  While heading towards the ancient egyptian wing I overheard somebody mentioning an Alexander McQueen exhibit.  Hmmm, I thought.  That could be interesting.  So I navigated the maze of The Met and discovered the McQueen exhibit - called "Savage Beauty".  I was expecting to see some mannequins with interesting dresses......

......but instead entered one of the most powerful, moving, exciting, beautiful, haunting experiences of my life.  It's actually difficult to describe - but I can tell you this....if at all possible....YOU MUST SEE THIS EXHIBIT.  It is worth taking planes, trains and automobiles.

I have always had a mild interest in fashion, and I haven't missed a season of Project Runway - but nothing prepared me for the impact this would have on me - and the tremendous appreciation for art and fashion that it ignited.  Who knows - perhaps I will become a couturier now!  The exhibit runs through July 31st.

I snapped a few photos - which may give you a small glimpse of what I'm talking about....

4) Indian Food.  Somehow I spent the first 4 decades of my life without indian food.  It was just a few years ago that I was introduced to The Ghandi Cafe (7th Avenue and Bleecker) - a tiny hole in the wall restaurant which gave me my first taste of Chicken Tikka Masala.  Since then, I have searched high and low for an identical indian culinary experience, visiting nearly every indian restaurant in LA (as well as others in New York).  I have not found anything that can even remotely approach the delicious nirvana that is The Ghandi Cafe. It is food so scumptious - you'll never want the meal to end.  Each bite is better than the bite before.  Afterwards I felt embraced in a warm glow for hours.  You can trust me on this one.  

Chicken Korma and naan - 2 of my favorite things....

5) Raoul's.  Each time I visit New York my clump of best friends and I always have a special dinner at Raoul's (180 Prince Street).  It's been around for years and years - and as far as I am concerned - it is perfection.  Casual, elegant, relaxed, cool, understated and absolutely delish.  It's a splurge - but I find that their steak au poivre with frites is well worth the investment.  It just so happened that it was my birthday - and I was surprised with this chocolate cake underneath a cloche of melted sugar.  Magnificent!

notice the profiteroles in the background....YUM!

Next time you are in NYC I hope you'll investigate a few of my suggestions.  Let me know!


R. Nichols

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  • I JUST LOVE Raoul’s! Back in the day ~ I arrived late and just missed Madonna and Sandra Bernhardt. HI NICK!! xoxox

    Angelyn on

  • I agree, good Indian food in LA is lacking. Try Samosa House in Culver City of Indian. Note that it’s vegetarian but still pretty darn good. Next time you’re in DC, try Heritage India. Happy eating!

    Vanessa on

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