R. Nichols's love affair with Fresh

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It was about 10 years ago that I had my first FRESH experience.  I was visiting one of my store accounts in Atlanta and on my way out the door Patty, the owner, handed me a bar of soap, gorgeously packaged in colorful paper with a little wire wrapping it up like a present.  I pocketed it without much thought.  The next morning I opened that little package and whilst showering, my life was changed forever.  The fragrance was intoxicating and the texture luxurious.

Now I'd never really noticed soap in the past.  So I knew this was something special.  My suspicions were confirmed a few days later when my houseguest, Jimmy, came to breakfast after showering exclaiming  "what IS that soap?"!!  It was currant marine (www.fresh.com/soaps/petit/currant-marine-soap) - the beginning of a lifetime obsession with Fresh and it's amazing product line.

I sent a box of R. Nichols products to the Fresh headquarters and as it turns out Alina, the owner, had just about as much appreciation for R. Nichols.  So our friendship began, and has continued to this day.

I nearly fainted on the spot when she asked me to create some images for a line of soaps for them.  At that point I thought I could probably retire as my dreams had been fulfilled.  You can see the result of that project below (that soap line has since been retired).


If you haven't tried Fresh, I encourage you to do so.  It's a little hard to explain, but it really will enrich your life.  

In the 10 years since that first bar of soap, I have extended my repertoire to shampoo, antiperspirant, lotions, fragrances, candles.  I am constantly ruthlessly grilling Alina for tidbits about upcoming products.

Now Fresh needs no help from me - they have a devout following out there.  I am just sharing my enthusiasm for something that is very very special.

My favorite products of the moment: citron de vigne body lotion, soy face cleanser,  apple cranberry petit soap - and the brown sugar body polish just needs to be experienced.  Sometime I wonder if I could spread it on toast for breakfast.

I am done gushing.  But I can't help it.  When I love something - I love it.  


Enjoy!  - R. Nichols

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