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I stayed out way past my bedtime on Wednesday.

Having recently discovered the band, Nouvelle Vague (and quickly becoming obsessed), I just had to buy a set of tickets when I heard they were coming to town.

They are a french band with rotating female singers – who do amazing covers of mostly 80’s songs. Depeche Mode, Blondie, Talking Heads, The Go-Gos – but completely reinvented in a loungy/bossanova-y way. The result is music that is so cool and groovy – it makes me feel like I am supremely hip.

So the tickets said 9pm. Being excessively anal-retentive about not being late for things, I showed up at 8:45 only to find out that 9pm was when the doors were opening. The opening band went on at 10 – and Nouvelle Vague at 11:30 (about 2 hours past my bedtime). I had forgotten about live music – and how the acts are on another schedule completely. Luckily I made some friends whilst sitting and sitting and sitting – a nice couple who were leaving in the morning on their annual mecca to Savannah to eat at Paula Dean’s restaurant. We bonded.

My friend, Jill, was supposed to be my date but bagged on me at the last minute, leaving me stag. In retrospect that was a good decision for her. She recently started a new job which requires a 5am alarm clock setting. Not being a 5am alarm clock setting person, each night when she is getting ready for bed she feels like she is going on a big trip in the morning.

In summary, it was worth it. I highly recommend Nouvelle Vague’s new album (NV3) – you might check it out on itunes…..or their website

R. Nichols

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