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When the folks in my office told me they thought it was time for a new website, I thought they were nuts. “It’s perfectly fine!”, I said. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

Well, as often happens around here, I was proven wrong. The new website is a blast of fresh R. Nichols fun that makes the old one look like it’s from the Mesozoic period. I think you will agree.

To make the launch of our website even more notable, I have filled it chock full of brand new designs. You’ll find a very “old school R. Nichols” sensibility in the Spring 2010 collection – simple, humorous, creative, and most importantly, very “R. Nichols”. And there are even some great new things for the guys.

We’ve added a fancy personalization option – so each time you purchase a set of cards you will get the option to have a name printed on them. Now that is some very un-Mesozoic technology!

Perhaps the best part of our new website is that it provides me with a blog, whereby I can stay in touch with you on a regular basis. Expect to receive all sorts of info – from what is happening within the R. Nichols empire – to my favorite products – maybe even a few recipes from time to time. You never really know what you might find….


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