Bring the Joy on Your Vacation

Posted by Anda Lucia Ariail on

Leaving on vacation is one of the best feelings in the world. You’ve packed your bags, confirmed your travel plans, and told your co-workers that you’re outta here.

As you count the weeks, days, and hours until your much-needed vacation, check off the items on your own vacation To Do list. From planning those outfits and accessories to toiletry essentials and baggage identification such as the R. Nichols Luggage Tag Collection.

The Checklist
We all make that mental Vacation Checklist, but more often than not, we end up forgetting something or remember at the last second…‘darn it, I forgot to pack those Speedos’ (hopefully said no one). What better way to keep track of what you need (and obviously want) than the R. Nichols Things I Desperately Need and Want Notepad Set.

Enjoy The Moments
For some, vacays are spent touring and exploring unknown spots, meeting the locals, and trying new food. What better companion to keep those on-the-go essentials in than one of our Totes or Pouches. For others, vacation bliss is sitting on a beach with a tropical drink or wooded front porch with a book in hand, a cup of coffee on the other, and nothing whatsoever on the agenda for the day. But what’s true for any vacation is simply enjoying the moments, and just as importantly, to jot them down so they remain timeless in one of our Adventure Journals, perfect pocket-sized ledgers that are ideal for every traveler.

So no matter what kind of vacationer you are, bring the joy and imagination of R. Nichols along with our Travel Collection. Happy traveling!

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