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As blessed Americans, we’re constantly reminded to be thankful for the small blessings in life. We even have a holiday dedicated to it. (And let’s admit, it’s easy to be thankful on that fourth Thursday in November when you’re sitting around a bountiful table with family and friends). The real challenge is the first Monday of February. Or the third Wednesday in September. And every other day of the year.

Here at R. Nichols, we believe in bringing joy and sophistication to everyday life through creative, happy designs. And we’re also big on spreading gratitude. Through our Grati-Collection, you can show your appreciation and love for others or use them yourself to stay thankful on any given day. So here are our favorite Grati-products, all ready for you to fill with gratefulness… 


Lemon Tree Gratipad

R. Nichols Lemon Tree Gratipad

When life gives you lemons...well, you know the saying. With 100 pages worth of giving thanks, every day will be a blessing with the notepad that keeps giving.



Flowers Grati Place CardsR. Nichols Flowers Place Card

Setting your dinner party table with place cards for your guests adds class, but noting why you’re grateful for their presence makes it truly heartwarming. Grati Place Cards show your appreciation of sharing an evening with family and friends. 



Vacuum Graticard Mother’s Day Card 

R. Nichols Vacuum Graticard Mother's Day Card


Let’s face it, moms have the toughest job around. So instead of just showing your appreciation for the Queen of the household with a simple card, this R. Nichols Graticard gives you the opportunity to list why your mom is simply the best!

Share your thankfulness, appreciation or love all year round! Check out our entire Grati Collection.

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