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When you first open a R. Nichols Candle and breathe in the scent you immediately know you have something very special.  Once you light it you'll know you're lighting a candle of exquisite luxury and quality.

Our candles are hand-poured in California.  We use only the finest soy and premium paraffin wax blend and the highest quality oils.  With a high fragrance oil content, our candles are bursting with gorgeous scent.

And you'll be enjoying it for a long time.  Our candles burn for a minimum of 60 hours.  That's a lot of happiness!

The New York Candle:  Take a stroll down Fifth Avenue.  Inhale the spicy scent of cologne bursting out of glamorous department stores, the green scent of ivy growing on churches, the sweet familiar scent of fresh rain on concrete and a hint of tobacco.  All of these scents combine harmoniously to create a gorgeous, vivacious and complex scent that is NEW YORK.  

The candle jar is wrapped in a vibrant fired-on decal which allows the glow of the flame to accentuate the beautiful graphic designs.

height: 4"    diameter: 3 1/8"


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